Welcome to Allied Health

snowInstructor: Donna Snow, RN

Allied Health is a two year program at Newton Career Center.  There are some basic classes that need to be taken and passed before being accepted into the Allied Health I program.  The classes are Biology, Algebra, and History. The conduct of the student must not be greater than a 2.   

Allied Health offers a world of health occupations and endless opportunities.  If you learn and master the skills and knowledge required, you can find employment in any number of rewarding occupations.  Taking the class means you are committed to studying and applying yourself each day. 

The students must be professional at all times because they are representing themselves, the instructor, and the school system. The classes are very in depth with a strenuous curriculum. 

HOSA is the student organization for Allied Health.  It stands for Health Occupational Students of America.  HOSA also continues in college.  HOSA is considered a learning laboratory where the students learn leadership skills as well as skills needed in the healthcare field.  HOSA also allows the students to network with other healthcare students and professionals. 

Allied Health is rewarding and you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you are HELPING other people.





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