williamsShella Williams, Instructor

Mississippi must respond to America‚Äôs evolution from an industrial-based economy to a knowledge-based economy.  A competent workforce must be prepared to apply increasing knowledge and skills that can be easily upgraded and adapted to meet the rapidly changing condition of the 21st century. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is part of the new re-design curriculum for 9th grade.  It takes the place of Technology Discovery.  STEM is a rigorous course focusing on 21st Century work skills including teamwork and communication.  It will include study in leadership, interpersonal and self -directional skills.  STEM includes math, engineering and technology concepts relevant in the workplace.   Students will use an online environment for much of the course requirements which means they will be competent in using the Blackboard online learning system.  Students will also be competent in MS Office 2007.

STEM will serve as an introductory course with primary focus on applied math and science leading to pre-engineering skills.  This course is designed for all levels of students with a technology base in automated design that is used not only in engineering but also in design courses for the arts.  Students will learn problem-solving skills and self-awareness skills as they learn about human service careers.  Each unit will utilize data collection, statistical analysis, and research skills.  Students will have hands-on knowledge, using math and science skills to design a variety of projects in several career clusters.

There are 6 units that will be covered in STEM.  Individual competencies make up each of the units.                          
The units are as follows:  

Directed Individual Project






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