Below are links to useful utilities to help keep computers free of malware, spyware and virus.

Download Link-- MalWareBytes
Download Link-- SmitFruadFix
Download Link-- AVG (Free Anti-virus)

Downloading and installing the compatibility pack from the link below will allow you to open files saved in Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

Tips for how to keep your computer up and running and free of spyware, adware and other malware:

• Run a spyware removal tool. Remember that some software that claims to remove spyware is actually spyware in disguise, so be wary and download antispyware only from reputable sources. ALWAYS THINK TWICE BEFORE CLICKING!

• Keep all antivirus software up to date using the procedures that were included with purchase. Antivirus and other security tools need frequent and detailed updates to work effectively; they can't block a piece of malware that they haven't seen before. Updates often are published daily, so update when one is offered.

• Stay current with your PC system updates. This is a high priority.

• Do not open an email attachment unless it's from someone you trust, and from whom you're expecting an attachment. Attachments should be sent separately from the email saying the attachment is coming. In other words, email your source that you will be sending an attachment in the next email, then email the attachment separately with a note. Ask senders to do the same for you.







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