Newton High School  

P.O. BOX 150, NEWTON, MS  39345-0150
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Welcome Students, Teachers and Parents to “The High School.”  As Principal of this awesome high school, I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve as your instructional leader.  It is my vision to ensure that all students become life-long learners, maximizing their potential through high expectations. Students must be prepared to pursue and reclaim the dream that has eluded so many others.  Daring to dream and instilling the audacity of hope will be our driving forces as we nurture and cultivate student learning through a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

 Congratulations students for reaching this milestone in your life.  High school holds some of the most memorable times in my life. Students, as you matriculate through good old NHS, be certain to grasp the learning experiences that will be afforded to you and form lasting relationships which will endure the test of time. School is a wonderful place and should be viewed by students in that light. 

Parents, please be encouraged to join in the educational process by becoming actively engaged in school functions and joining the parent organization. The educating of our children is a very fragile process and parents must fulfill their obligations to secure that educational foundation.  Whether you have a child enrolled in NHS at this particular time is irrelevant. Communities must have a vested interest in their local school district.  Please band with our teachers and students as we seek excellence through education.

 The arrival of a new school year brings about new challenges and new opportunities.  Our faculty and staff consist of educators who are highly qualified in their teaching areas and who hold high expectations for students. As educators, we are deemed as “Keepers of the Dreams” for all of our students as they prepare to pursue those dreams and goals after successfully completing their education at NHS. Students will be challenged throughout this process to not only to become the very best they possibly can, but to also make Newton High School a better place as she serves others.

 Students, parents, and teachers, “Dare to Dream”!

 Sherrod Miller, Principal






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