Dr. Patricia Kirby
Media Center
N.H. Pilate Middle School
Newton, Mississippi


Providing information to our students, teachers and school community

The Patricia Kirby Media Center is the complete research department for the Pilate Middle School campus.  The Center houses over 5,000 books and periodicals for students and teachers. The collection includes fiction, non-fiction, reference and professional materials. Educational videos which support curriculum objectives are available to the faculty for classroom use.  A state of the art wireless computer lab joining the library accommodates twenty-four laptop computers.  The lab is available to students for research and curriculum related activities though their classroom teachers.          

Library Information

Books are checked out for two weeks.  A fine of $.05 per day is accessed for late books.

Students are scheduled in the library once a week to check out books. They may also come to the library with permission from a teacher.   Each student is allowed to check-out two books providing they have shown responsibility in returning library books previously checked out.


The MAGNOLIA databases offer a variety of resources for school and home use. The databases include references such as encyclopedias, magazines, dictionaries and the World Almanac.

MAGNOLIA    School access

MAGNOLIA  Home access  Check with the librarian for the home access log-in code.


Accelerated Reader Information

MAGNOLIA    School Access

Home Access  





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