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Newton Municipal School District Mission

The Newton Municipal School District has as its mission to create socially, economically, and technologically productive world citizens by teaching them to think, reason, and use a variety of techniques to adapt to the challenges of society.


  • To create a challenging, supportive educational environment that results in higher levels of achievement for all students

  • To hold everyone in the organization accountable for contributing to the educational bottom line, student achievement

  • To create an organizational culture that treats its people as its most valuable resource, invests in their growth and development, and encourages risk-taking consistent with the organizations mission and beliefs

  • To create within the total community a sense of ownership of the schools and a belief that a quality public school system is an investment in the continued growth and prosperity of the city


Superintendent: Dr. Virginia Young /
High School Principal: Nadine Arrington /
N.H.Middle School Principal: Melanie Hamrick /
Elementary School Principal: Kay Killens /
Federal Programs: Cola Shelby /
Business Manager: Sherry Terry /
Payroll Clerk: Delaine Sanford /
Transportation: David Irby /
Talent Search: Terrie Sharp /
Accounts Payable: Shaunte Watts /
MSIS Coordinator: Marie Jones /
Special Services: Dr. Geneva Jenkins /
Food Service: Louise McPhee /
Technology Services: Tracy Dearing/


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